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DIR EN GREY – Tour Announcement - Obscure, powerful, melancholic -

A band that brazenly overtook the country when hailed over to Europe the first time; masters in altering style and atmosphere; beasts on stage – DIR EN GREY.

After rocking the world for several years, it is finally time for them to return to Europe. It is no surprise, that after more than three years of absence, voices of the people got loud, demanding the band to finally return to the European stages. And DIR EN GREY complied to the calling.

With their tour “TOUR18 – WEARING HUMAN SKIN”, starting October 6th, the members are returning to claim Europe’s stages and remind their fans of why they belong in the ranks of superstars of Japanese Rock. Returning with DIR EN GREY’s unique composition of powerful tunes and vocalist Kyo’s distinctive voice, the band will visit six countries to meet their fans face to face once more. While the fans are thrilled, they are not the only ones highly anticipating the upcoming tour:

“It has been 3 years since our last time in Europe and we are all very excited about finally going back. We plan to play our older songs and also include new songs so everyone should look forward to our European shows. Plus, we want to enjoy touring Europe while taking in all of its history, beautiful architecture and amazingly rich culture.” Toshiya, DIR EN GREY 

After all, with the intriguing artwork of their newest release “Ningen wo kaburu” and the sound being a  unique fusion between old and new, long-time fans, as well as new followers can be sure to experience something unprecedented. DIR EN GREY are returning to deliver undoubtedly spectacular, nonpareil, artistic and powerful performances that should not be missed by the curious and hungry mind.



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